Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can my child bring their own toys to childcare?

    The center has an abundance of activities and classroom materials. We ask that children do not bring in toys from home. This eliminates toys getting lost, broken, disappointment for other children, and the responsibility on educators to track numerous toys throughout the day.

  • How can parents participate in and contribute to the programs?

    The CECE program has an Open Door Policy and actively seeks and encourages families to be involved. This can range from evaluating and adding input to your child’s program and observations, volunteering within the center and sharing skills & experiences that the children and the program will benefit from, attending center events, and participating on committees.

  • How does the CECE Center and its educators communicate with parents?

    Everybody has a different communication style and time for communication. We understand that mornings and afternoons can be a little rushed, and not the best time to discuss your child’s day.

    We have many types of communication we use for families, which include:

    • Newsletter
    • Phone calls
    • Emails
    • Letters
    • Face to face
    • Formal meetings
    • MomentPath Notifications
  • What if I have a complaint?

    If you have any concerns, please see your child’s teacher or center supervisor. If you are unsatisfied with their solution, then you can reach out to the center director.  There is also a grievance procedure to formally raise any concerns. This procedure is provided during the enrollment process and can also be found in the Parent Handbook.

    Staff Contacts

    Parent Handbook

  • What if my child has asthma or an allergy?

    It is vital that we are aware of any allergies or asthma. Families are required to explain any allergy or asthma during enrollment as well as provide us with the diagnosis from the doctor. 

    Additionally, the center requires an Action Plan to be completed by your doctor to assist in managing your child’s needs. The Action Plan is to be updated every 12 months. If your child has asthma and or an allergy an inhaler and/or Epi-Pen will need to be kept on site while your child is enrolled. 

  • What if my child is on medication?

    Program staff can only administer medication prescribed by a doctor. They cannot administer non-prescription drugs or dietary supplements unless the service is provided with written authorization by a doctor.

    Medication can only be administered to a child by center staff from its original packaging with pharmacy instructions sticker.

    Upon arrival, families must give medication to center office staff for safe storage and complete a medication authorization form. Under no circumstances should medication be left in children’s bags.

  • What is the arrival and departure procedure?

    For safety and security reasons all children must be signed in on arrival and signed out on departure. The accurate times must be noted.

    No child will be allowed to leave our program with a person who is not listed on their emergency card, unless prior arrangements are made with administration.

    If you are running late it is important to contact the center before 9:00 am so your child can be included in the meal count to ensure sufficient food amounts are ordered for the day.